Beyond denim

Beyond denim

In the world of Cinque Tasche by Incotex, the culture and heritage of denim are applied to unusual fabrics and unique color variations


ive pocket trousers are deeply rooted in the history of denim: their birth can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century, when Levi Strauss created the world’s most legendary jeans ever, Levi’s 501. Only then did the German-American businessman add the second back pocket to the layout, giving birth to what would turn into the basic design for every pair of jeans to come. Two pockets on the back and three on the front, including the tiny watch pocket all of them riveted to keep them from ripping.
These details, which were born out of exquisitely utilitarian reasons, have gradually become the trademark of five pocket trousers, a sign of their belonging to the denim universe and to its heritage.
The Cinque Tasche label by Incotex draws inspiration from that world of style, incorporating all the original jeans features - the metal rivets, the pocket layout, the comfortable and sturdy architecture – in a cleaner and more refined version. 

Cinque Tasche applies the jeans culture and heritage to a wide range of fabrics that extends from your classic denim to stretch cotton and linen/cotton selvedge, exploring multiple color palettes to give birth to trousers that are halfway between jeans and chinos. Sturdy, comfortable and versatile, the Cinque Tasche trousers are elevated through noble fabrics and accurate treatments. Sophisticated by nature, they lend themselves to matchings that cross the border of casual wear to enter the more creative and multifaceted world of smart casual style.

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