Bike Commuting

What to wear when cycling to work

f you have ever considered the opportunity of cycling to work, chances are you have been dubious about what to wear. The idea of cycling for several kilometers, occasionally under the rain, struggling and sweating and then having to face an entire day of meetings and work commitments at the office, is possibly the main deterrent to bike commuting even for the most experienced urban cyclist.
Still, there is one thing that we want to reassure you about: it is not necessary to wear technical apparel and then quickly change into office clothes in the bathroom. All you need to do is choose the right items: if your clothes are built with the right balance of style and practicality, they will accompany you throughout the day, from your morning bike ride to the office to the occasional post-work aperitivo.

Easy Wear by Slowear: An Outfit Designed For Urban Cyclists

Trousers are our forte, as well as the most crucial element of an outfit in terms of practicality – especially if you are getting ready to face an active day, starting with a long bike commute.

The Easy Wear concept revolves around our ‘urban’ pants par excellence, Incotex’s wool and cordura trousers , made from a special high-tech, rip-stop fabric which offers perfect sturdiness as well as a lightweight, perspiring quality. While preserving the sleekness of our signature slim fit, these high performing trousers are really comfortable to move around thanks to the elastic belt with an internal waist adjustment system.

Over a sweater or your favorite lightweight blazer, top up your outfit with the essential trench coat: Montedoro’s technical wool trench coat , a lightweight, water resistant, and versatile piece of outerwear that will always look perfect on every occasion.

Finally, a bicycle helmet is an absolute must when cycling in the city traffic: we picked one from Thousand , a collection of eco-friendly and ethical bicycle helmets whose beautiful design will add a touch of style to your outfit. Featuring cooling vents, a rubberized matte finish, a moto trim, and magnetic locking, all Thousand helmets are equipped with the innovative anti-thief PopLock.

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