The Multifaceted
Bomber Jacket

The Multifaceted Bomber Jacket

It is the quintessential piece of spring outerwear, and the most versatile by nature. Here’s our take on the bomber jacket and how to wear it


arm or lightweight, smart or sporty, sophisticated or essential - and always a classic. The bomber jacket is a multifaceted garment that tells a lot different stories, all of them sharing the unmistakable shape of this simple waist-length jacket with cinched cuffs and waists and a zippered front.

The very first bomber was issued by the US Army around the 1930s in the form of a heavy-duty leather jacket, and it gradually entered civilian life only around the 1950s. Since then, the bomber went through several metamorphoses which dramatically altered its original conception. First adopted by urban youth subcultures and later the object of fashion design experimentation, the bomber eventually emancipated from all these references to become a versatile and cross-cutting model acting as the base for new inspirations and matches.

How To Wear It

The bomber jacket is a style-fluid garment which shuns all strict definitions. While it is true that it is not suitable for a black-tie dress code, a dark and essential bomber jacket will always look great over a shirt and necktie, just as much as it will with a pair of jeans and a casual sweater. Of course, a careful consideration of the jacket’s color, fabric and pattern is the crucial premise to a successful outfit; as a general rule, if you are looking for versatility, go for a sophisticated and minimalist bomber jacket.

Style Meets Comfort:
The Slowear Bomber Jackets

For this season, Slowear has developed two models inspired by the classic bomber jacket, both very versatile and gifted with a unique character.

Water repellent technical wool bomber jacket, Montedoro
Water repellent technical wool bomber jacket, Montedoro
Clean, lightweight and taken care of down to the smallest details, the Montedoro bomber jacket is a sturdy and practical all-purpose midseason urban jacket. Water-resistant and windproof, it is made from top-quality high-tech stretch wool and distinguished by a lightweight construction which makes it considerably comfortable. An almost minimalist design is the key to its absolute versatility, so whether you want to redefine your office look or add a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit, it will always look dapper. You may wear it as a sport jacket to drive your car or your motorbike, or throw it over a shirt to replace a blazer. Regardless of the occasion, the Montedoro bomber jacket will provide you with the ideal balance of style and comfort, either on working days or in the weekend. acquista ora
Water repellent technical wool bomber jacket, Montedoro
Water repellent technical wool bomber jacket, Montedoro
Bomber in cotton jersey, Zanone
Bomber in cotton jersey, Zanone
The Zanone bomber jacket is a veritable outdoor spring garment made from "structured" cotton jersey and fully lined inside. As a reference to its knitwear origin, it has sophisticated knot details on the hems and buttons to replace the usual zipper. It looks perfect over a shirt or a fine and lightweight cotton sweater. acquista ora

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