The Car Coat:
Simply Timeless

The Montedoro car coat is the contemporary evolution of an iconic twentieth-century garment, born out of the practical needs of those driving the very first cars

n essentially metropolitan garment, the car coat was born at the beginning of the 20th century, when driving a car was considered an outdoor sport. It is a practical jacket, designed to allow the wearer to sit comfortably, long just up to mid-thigh and warm enough to help the first car drivers to cope with the cold.
During the twentieth century, the car coat evolved considerably in terms of shape and, above all, materials: the heavy fur lining was replaced by lightweight padding and technical fabrics. With time, it became a classic, one of those garments that cannot be missing in a modern man's wardrobe .

However, this legacy remains as part of its character, and it certainly has inspired the Montedoro car coat, an essential piece of outerwear that maximizes the metropolitan spirit of the brand, conceived to meet the practical and style requirements of contemporary men. Designed for those who drive but perfect even once you get off the car, the Montedoro car coat combines comfort and convenience with a fabulous sartorial design.
The average length makes it fit to be worn over a jacket, and comfortable for sitting thanks to the bi-stretch anti-wrinkle fabric, while the waterproof material adds a touch of functionality to the ensemble.
The exclusive primaloft padding of military derivation, designed to offer maximum convenience, is warm yet lightweight, and it helps minimize the volume of the garment, and the sophisticated detail of the detachable Merino collar hiding an emergency hood is stylish and extremely useful in case of light rain.
But the Montedoro car coat is also extremely versatile and suitable for traveling: refined, linear and monochromatic, it adapts harmoniously to any type of outfit, it always stays perfect, even when folded in a suitcase.

The unique performances
of the Montedoro car coat:

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