Chilling In The Riviera 

Chilling In The Riviera 

Enjoying the lukewarm spring sun on the border between Italy and France


t takes a romantic mood to fully enjoy the beauty of the Riviera dei Fiori, the extreme edge of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente that spans from the town of Andora to France, beyond the border from Ventimiglia. The hills here are covered with terraces and olive trees: such is the landscape in Taggia, a town devoted to olive oil and blending earth cuisine and seafood in its delicious local gastronomy.

  The Medieval villages, stately mansions and castles show how the aristocrats of all eras have chosen this place to settle or to spend the winters, otherwise too rigid in the city.

olive trees
The towns, from Ventimiglia to Sanremo and Bordighera, are all pretty small, definitely on a human scale, yet the glitz of some of their buildings betrays a certain vocation for entertainment, culture, and grandeur.

  The leisure opportunities are not lacking: the Riviera boasts not only the hugely popular Italian Song Festival, but also the Milano-Sanremo bicycle race, whose very first edition was held on April 14, 1907, and the Flower Battle of Ventimiglia, an off-season carnival which sees floats brimming with flowers and featuring allegorical Papier-mâché characters side through the streets on the second half of June.
Flower Battle of Ventimiglia
Bordighera is a town that sums up more than any other the soul of these places. Its history is tied to that of Queen Margherita di Savoia, whose presence attracted a colorful crowd of members of the Italian and international nobility, artists and intellectuals in the second half of the 19th century. Among the legacies of that golden period are the iconic palm trees that adorn the whole town and the beautiful chandelier in the Chiesa della Maddalena, a gift from the Queen.

  But this is also the land where writer Italo Calvino grew up and trained, and which inspired local poet and Nobel laureate Eugenio Montale; the Cultural Park of the Flower Riviera and Maritime Alps is dedicated to the lives and the works of these writers, who have been able to describe the Riviera and its multifaceted nature.

  Finally, the Riviera has a stunning coastline with a crystal-clear sea, offering wider beaches as compared with other parts of Liguria, and a mild climate all year round. Whether you're into history, art, nature, culture, gastronomy, music or beach sports, in this beautiful corner of Italy you will always find something well worth the journey.
stunning coastline with a crystal-clear sea

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