Blending technical wear with traditional cuts and patterns to turn classic items into high-tech pieces


icture this: you need to be somewhere important, are caught by a downpour and need to decide quick whether to get wet wearing your nice and sleek blazer or to go back inside and wear a humble rain jacket. What’ your choice?
The good news is, you do not necessarily need to make a choice, not any more. Thanks to the evolution of technology in general and to the innovative techniques deployed by the textile industry in the third millennium, the long-standing contrast between style and practicality in fashion seems to finally have found a possible compromise in the use of technical fabrics.
The result is, you can now wear clothes that are smart and functional at the same time. Technical wear is not reserved for sporty, outdoorsy types: even if you are the kind of person who usually frowns upon synthetic garments and prefers more traditional fabrics, there are plenty of ‘hybrid’ options out there that encapsulate the very best of both worlds.

Style & Practicality According to Montedoro
Glen check is possibly one of the most iconic patterns for men’s suits. This complex design made of small and large checks is the inspiration behind some of the most outstanding pieces from the Montedoro 2019 spring/summer collection: a blazer and a summer parka made with an innovative glen-check patterned technical fabric.
Both lightweight, water resistant and windproof, these items share an impeccable sartorial cut enriched by practical details. The blazer, featuring Montedoro’s signature slim fit, is a veritable high-tech piece: it can be crumpled, scrunched and even balled up inside a special pocket without ever losing its shape.
The parka is a very unique garment revisiting the original military-inspired model with a sophisticated, dandy pattern and functional elements such as zippers, inside pockets and hidden buttons. Perfect on a rainy spring day, it epitomizes a style that renews itself without losing sight of its own individual character.

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