the essence of denim

Incotex, the essence of denim

Thousands of stories lie in the simple act of wearing a pair of jeans, the ultimate casual garment


hile it may seem as simple as a cotton fabric with durable fiber and an indigo dye, denim is perhaps the hero of everyday fabrics. Characterized by an interweaved white weft and blue warp, denim brings with it fascinating nuances and countless stories.
Its origins can be traced back to 16th century Europe, between the port of Genoa and the French city of Nîmes, hence where the the name “denim” comes from: in Anglo-Saxon countries, this fabric spread like de Nîmes. In France, however, denim was called bleu de Gênes as in “blue of Genoa”, eventually evolving into the phrase blue jeans, after the Italian port through which denim was exported.

At the time, denim was one of the most durable and affordable fabrics (mainly used for work uniforms), so much so that a German textile merchant took notice. Levi Strauss exported it to the United States where it became the preeminent fabric for the work clothes of gold prospectors.
The year was 1873 and it was only the beginning of a century long journey that would turn denim into a symbol of youth and rebellion, and eventually into a mainstream fabric for casual wear.

Levi Strauss &Co, Quality clothing
Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans, The Essential 5-Pockets

The five pockets are the last traces of jeans’ “humble” beginnings, such as the watch pocket created with cowboys in mind. Even at the corners of the five pockets are little metal rivets that have been strategically placed in the areas that are at the most risk of ripping due to tension. These pants were meant to last, and as such were patented by Jacob Davis (a partner of Levi Strauss) at the end of the 19th century.
Our five pocket configuration
Our five pocket configuration is an homage to that of the original blue jeans, however, with a more sophisticated and cleaner look. We use hearty materials treated with personal and innovative techniques as a result of the evolution that is synonymous with Slowear’s DNA. With comfort and strength at the helm, the five pocket Incotex is the smart casual garment par excellence. Elevate the look with a blazer or a sports jacket for a special occasion, or top with a light pullover made of fine wool for everyday wear.

Our five pocket configuration

The Denim Shirt: From A Western Icon To A Man’s Wardrobe Staple

When you picture a cowboy, chances are that he’s wearing a denim shirt. After a classic pair of blue jeans, the denim shirt is one of the most significant garments in denim history. Its original, most country version was born with the classic mother of pearl buttons, a pointed yoke and a tapered fit. These were the kind of shirts worn by Elvis and Steve McQueen who had both mastered the art of “double-denim”. Wearing a denim shirt on top of a pair of jeans is no easy feat - the shades of blue must be harmonious without looking calculated, and worn with the ease worthy of the style icon that came before you.
Today, many variations of the denim shirt can be found as it is considered both a classic and an everyday staple at the same time, even those that bear little or no resemblance to the original cowboy style.
Elvis Presley & Steve McQueen
Glanshirt offers its own version of the denim shirt as a varation of a typical casual buttondown shirt, with a French collar and slim fit in eitherindigo dyed denim twill or cotton twill with the classic blue jean color.. While this shirt can easily lend itself to quite a sleek outfit, both the denim and cotton twill versions retain the distinct washed and informal look that have always been an element of the Slowear universe.

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