Slowear is more than a trademark, it is a global movement born in Italy and a contemporary way of conceiving, producing and using clothing today.

First of all, here at Slowear we are aware that behind the clothes there are people who create what we wear, something that we tend to forget.
At Slowear we strongly believe that people are the core of our process and that passionate and competent people inevitably produce quality things.

The roots of Slowear start in Venice in 1951: an industrial history made from skills and passion developed more than a half a century ago, which is also the inspiration for creating new paradigms- a sort of rebirth of the way we conceive the art of Manufacturing and how we can inspire new generations in their approach to consumption.

From Slowear we strongly believe in specialization (each brand keeps its industrial and production autonomy unaltered) because only high specialization allows the production of the highest quality products with the best performance which industrial competence can conceive.

Slowear simply means "durable fashion", a product that stays in the wardrobe for a long time. An axiom that is already antithesis to the mechanisms of consumption we are accustomed to today and which stimulate us to buy more and more.




No one today produces something that lasts long in your wardrobe. Everything is designed to become obsolete and quickly replaceable. An approach to consumption that has become unsustainable.

It may look strange, but in fact, we propose the opposite: we are creating modern, naturally elegant, comfortable clothing with the promise of enduring and surviving trends and consumerism.

For us, garments are something precious, an investment to be handled with care and attention to ensure them the longest life possible.

We design them carefully so that they always fit perfectly in terms of fit and style at their own time.
And if they last longer, it means they've bought it better. And if you buy better you buy less.

Roberto Compagno
Chairman and CEO of the the corporate group

the brands

Five souls, for an universe of coherent style, for a total look with informal and timeless elegance. These is Slowear. The sophisticated Zanone knitwear, the charm of Glanshirt shirts, the impeccable Montedoro jackets, the elegance of the Incotex trousers, the highest handcrafted accessories and Officina Slowear footwear.

Discover our five brands

The great Slowear world has fascinated our friends, fans, and has been immortalized in time by great masters of photography.

How could you possibly forget Eliott Erwitt's elegant giraffe legs? Or Tim Walker twins? Up to Todd Selby's vintage guitar store? Here are some of the great photographers who have decided to depict the Slowear world, through unique works.

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