To affirm a new culture of dress, to create and produce garments for connoisseurs. Dress men and women with personality and culture.

We want to become the alternative design of the clothing world, far from fast fashion, and the elements of consumerism, to offer beautiful, modern, durable and comfortable clothes that withstand the duration of time and style.
A dynamic and innovative company, capable of mixing modernity, style and comfort by offering the very best that industrial expertise can produce. With this in mind, we strive to become indisputable, representing a true icon for the clothing world.

Enthusiasm and Responsibility.
Courage, passion and determination in pursuit of our goals.
Awareness of our social responsibility and the environment. Acting to improve our future and generations to follow.
Respect for individuals and support of the personal and professional growth of both individuals and groups.

'Do what you can do and do it better and better'.
More research on excellence-This is the principle that underlies our commitment to retaining each brand through its specialization to ensure its uniqueness, competence and innovation.


Our most important asset is people.

We strive to protect the serenity of everyone through a positive and courteous, productive and stimulating environment that can offer personal and professional growth and can improve the individual’s psycho-physical well-being.


We work to ensure a bright future for next generations.

We strive to act to improve our impact on the environment while maintaining our behaviours sustainability, in order to obtain the certifications of Benefit Corporation-our ultimate goal.


Loyalty and fairness are at the heart of every relationship.

We strive to ensure utmost transparency in providing information to our customers and to act with the utmost restraint towards suppliers and competitors.

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