From the battlefields of Vietnam to the streets of 1970s New York city, this ruggedly handsome jacket is an authentic piece of late 20th century history


f we were to pinpoint the exact moment in which the field jacket became a cult, perhaps it would be the one when Bob De Niro appears, wearing one, in a famous sequence of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. As the name itself suggests, this sturdy, multi-pocketed, drawstring waist piece of outerwear, traditionally made of olive green cotton, originated from the world of army wear, namely during the Vietnam War: designed to protect American soldiers from humidity and fluctuating temperatures, the legendary M65 is the heir of the M43 WWII paratrooper jackets. It has four large front pockets, shoulder straps, a removable hood in the collar and a double zip /button closure.
Right after the war, just like Travis Bickle, the character played by De Niro in the film, many veterans brought the field jacket home and continued to wear it, giving way to its transformation into a streetwear piece and eventually into a true man’s wardrobe classic. Over the years, the field jacket underwent many changes triggered by the creativity of fashion designers and influenced by youth subcultures. Today it can be found in plenty of versions - lightweight or padded, minimalist or super-equipped, in classic or unusual colors - but it has preserved that somewhat rugged.ish aura that betrays its military origin.

The Montedoro Field Jacket
What we love about the field jacket is that it inherently mixes style and practicality like no other jacket does, succeeding both in elevating an informal look and in adding a touch of character to a semi-formal outfit. In order to respect this innate versatility, we have created a field jacket that is faithful to the original configuration, yet with a double soul: on the outside, a top-notch sturdy and compact cotton satin (either gray or beige); on the inside, a detachable warmer in contrasting bright colors that’s designed to make the jacket unique and slightly over the top. The Montedoro field jacket is the ideal piece of outerwear for facing the first autumn chills in the city - even on a motorbike thanks to the additional padding.

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