The crewneck,
a style for every occasion

With its versatile and essential character, the crewneck sweater is a man’s wardrobe staple, in every season and every style

he simple round neckline is perfectly versatile and a suitable addition to an outfit with many layers. The origin of the crewneck jersey is intrinsically linked to the layered look, as the classic American crewneck was born at the beginning of last century, intended to be worn under military clothing. It was later adopted by football players and marines. Because of its history, regardless of the fabric, the crewneck is characterized by its uniquely made in the USA legacy.

How to wear it

The shape of the neckline itself isn’t particularly indicative of how to pair it as it is no longer exclusively associated with its workwear and military origins. For this reason, it is adaptable for any level of formality. How to pair it with other elements of any outfit depends on the type of fabric, how heavy it is, and how fine it is.

When wearing a crewneck as a base layer, try a long sleeve t-shirt in premium cotton, such as our Zanone patented IceCotton.Thanks to the breathability of its high-twisted cotton jersey, it looks great with a jacket for a casual look.

To maintain the same lightness yet gain warmth by wearing a crewneck sweater by itself or over a shirt, it’s a good idea to opt for a thin wool fabric.Zanone’s Flexwoolis ideal for a smart casual layered look. This fabric designed and produced exclusively by Slowear combines fine wool fibers with high quality polyester to create a sophisticated look. Wear it over a shirt and pair it with a jacket and chinos or a pair of tailored chinos, depending on the occasion.

A soft-to-the-touchwool and cashmere blendcrewneck sweater is the king of the cold season: elegant yet cozy under a jacket, it can definitely hold its own simply layered over a shirt.

In conclusion

There is no single best way to wear a crewneck sweater. Let the type of fabric, the fineness of the knit, and the occasion guide you. When deciding how to wear such a versatile garment, trust your personal taste.
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