In Praise Of The Parka

In Praise Of The Parka

It is warm, practical, sturdy and it looks good on everything. But what makes the parka a must-have is mostly its own history, ranging from Greenland to Brit pop


n the beginning it was a rugged seal skin coat smeared with fish oil worn by the Inuit in the harsh arctic winters - not exactly inviting, right? And yet that primitive garment already had within itself the main features that inspired the British and American armies in the creation of the military parka, the famous M-51 model: sturdiness and warmth.
Embraced by British youth subcultures, in the 1960s the parka emigrated from the battlefields to the streets of London, turning into an iconic piece of streetwear – first among the Mods and then, thirty years later, among the devotees of the Brit Pop cult.
A hood, a waist drawstring, a zipper and large pockets are the unmissable features of the modern parka which, although in many variations - warm, light, technical, sporty - remains a true classic. As such, it will look just perfect with whatever you are wearing, be it a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt or a suit.

The Montedoro Parka

With high-tech cotton twill fabric on the outside, a warm goose down padding on the inside and practical details elevated by an impeccable cut, the Montedoro parka integrates the brand’s signature style into an already iconic piece.
The original parka features are all there: the peaked hood, the adjustable drawstring, the zip/snap button closure. To offer further protection from the cold we included adjustable cuff straps and a windproof inner cuff, while the interior with contrasting fabric details add further uniqueness to the garment.

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