The art of
the man bag

Embrace the virtues of an essential accessory

ontrary to what many think, the men's handbag is not a recent invention of fashion. In the past, at until the invention of pockets around the seventeenth century, men have always carried a purse with them, not just in certain professions or for travel purposes, but also in everyday life.

In recent years seeing a man with a purse, not a briefcase, has actually become commonplace. The privilege of freeing pockets from bulky items such as wallets and keys shouldn’t be influenced by the social constructs of gender. Aside from practical advantages, a good bag can truly elevate one’s style- just like a great pair of shoes or a sophisticated scarf.

Officina Slowear:
the everyday bag

Spacious, durable and finished with thoughtfully placed straps and pockets, an Officina Slowear bag is the perfect companion for an urban traveler who traverses the maze of a city on a daily basis. Designed to be carried all day, everyday, it is large enough to carry whatever is needed for a full day of work. Despite its size, it is lightweight, soft, and truly luxurious thanks to its carefully handcrafted composition of calf suede.

Our purposefully designed bag comes in gray, green, and dark brown, with the meticulous details and careful quality ingrained in all Slowear products. 
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