the craftsmen

Meeting the craftsmen

The small leather goods from Officina Slowear are the result of a long tradition that gives life to exquisitely crafted and unique pieces. We visited the workshop to find out how they are made.


allets, credit card and business card holders are the indispensable accessories that we carry with us all the time, in our pockets and always at our fingertips. Officina Slowear devotes a lot of time and attention to these small leather goods, studying everything from design to material choice and workmanship to give them a value that goes well beyond mere functionality.
The Officina Slowear small leather goods are small masterpieces meticulously taken care of in every detail. They are born in a small artisan workshop in Emilia, where traditional leather techniques are applied to classic or contemporary design objects.

small artisan workshop in Emilia
small artisan workshop in Emilia
small artisan workshop in Emilia
small artisan workshop in Emilia
But what is the process that gives life to our accessories? We asked this directly to our craftsmen.

Everything begins with cutting the leather for the interior and exterior parts of the object, a very delicate stage that requires great precision. Once cut, the individual pieces are subjected to dyeing and discoloration, carried out strictly by hand by skilled craftsmen to obtain the desired shades and nuances. Assembling and sewing are based on the models and faithful to them in the smallest detail, a task of absolute mastery entrusted only to experienced professionals. Finally, the last touch is given by the special waxes we apply to further enhance the quality of the leather and of the object itself.

How many people are working on a wallet and how long does it take to make one?
Depending on its specific complexity, a wallet (or another similar object) can pass through the hands of three to four or five people, each highly specialized in one of the production stages. The manufacturing time may also vary greatly depending on the type of required treatments and finishing. Discoloration or coloration, for instance, may take very long because it is essential to obtain just the right color shades.

What is it that makes every single Officina Slowear object unique?
First of all, the original design, entirely conceived by the Slowear design team, and individually conceived for each item. Then, of course, limited production, imposed by the artisanal nature of our work: we do not, and cannot, go into mass production, but instead focus on the quality of a limited number of excellently crafted pieces.
Even the kind of leather can make a big difference: leather is a "living" material that changes with time based on how you use an object. When it is of high quality, leather gets even more beautiful as it ages.
Not least, the dyeing, discoloration, and polishing techniques, all executed by hand and perfected over time, give life to colors that are non-replicable, except from the same hand. In fact, even when the same craftsman works with the same techniques on a different piece of leather, the result may be slightly different based on the piece’s own peculiarities.
The Officina Slowear accessories are not made in batches, and you will never find one identical to another. You can see it for yourself: the next time you visit a Slowear Store, ask the shopping assistant to put a bunch of wallets in the same color and model side by side, and you will find that there are slight shades of difference.
That's why every wallet, business or credit card holder from Officina Slowear is absolutely unique.

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