Sustainable Grooming

Sustainable Grooming

By producing organic, biodynamic and sustainable beauty products, Oway has paved the way for a more responsible grooming industry


racing the origins of a cosmetic product and learning about how it is made is no easy task, but Oway – short for Organic Way - has made traceability and transparency its two distinctive features, the ones that define its own identity. Everything can be traced back to Bologna, or rather to the Bolognese hills: here, Oway has established its Ortofficina, a 50,000 square meter field where it grows the officinal plants from which its zero-mile oils and plant extracts are made and turned into beauty products.

The plants are grown according to the biodynamic method, a type of cultivation which considers the soil as a living organism and aims at finding the perfect harmony between nature, soil and man to obtain healthy, vital and strong fruits and plants without relying on chemicals.
An Organic Way product does not arise from market research, but from values such as respect for the soil, for the planet and for the people, which urged the company to opt for biodynamic and organic ingredients, fair trade phyto-active exctracts, recyclable containers and safe green chemistry principles in the first place.

OW man: The Strength Of The World’s Most Tenacious Plants

The sleek and indefinitely recyclable black amber glass and aluminum bottles, tubes and jars of the new OW man line contain eleven products based on concentrated ingredients that meet the specific needs of men’s skin, beard, hair and lips. The OW MEN products are based very unique active ingredients obtained from plants grown in wild and pristine habitats that have developed extraordinary survival strategies, such as the resurrection plant from the Mexican desert and organic maqui from Patagonia, combined with precious minerals, organic plants from the Ortofficina and fair trade ingredients. The result is a series of formulations with strong antioxidant, nourishing, revitalizing and detoxifying properties to accompany all of your daily beauty and grooming rituals.

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