Tangled up in blue

Tangled up in blue

How to enhance your wardrobe by turning to the calm side of the visible spectrum


According to color psychology, colors can reflect and evoke emotions, moods, and even behaviors. Although the meaning and the feeling that we attach to a specific color is largely dependent on our personal experience, it is also true that, to some extent, the perception of the major areas of the color spectrum are universal. Colors in the blue side of the spectrum, for instance, are often associated with calmness and described as peaceful, reassuring, orderly, and even traditional.

Yet what do they convey when we decide to wear them?

Historically, blue has been the color of workwear (does the expression blue collar ring a bell?) from which the whole denim culture originated. So is blue a casual color? Not necessarily: just think of a solid blue oxford dress shirt, isn’t it the quintessence of sleek, clean elegance?

A Matter Of Shades
From shirts to jackets, trousers, shorts and your regular denim pieces, a nice blue palette basically has you covered for every occasion, from leisure to semi-formal. Blue is one of the guiding threads of the Slowear SS18 collections. We picked a few items that are quite unique in their own right. The stunning sky blue linen polo from Glanshirt, with hidden buttons and a regular fit, looks perfect both on a pair of cotton trousers or bermudas, keeping you fresh while adding a touch of relaxed summer feel to your outfit.
Even more causal and yet innately sophisticated, the short-sleeved shirt beautifully printed with the Japanese shibori technique explores different shades of blue. Wear it outside your trousers or shorts and you will instantly fell like you are headed to some tropical paradise. On to bottoms, indigo is the color of choice for this nice pair of linen and cotton chambray trousers from Incotex, inspired by the world of workwear and a fresher and more refined alternative to your regular jeans.
Finally, dark blue is the most classic and distinguished of shades, especially when paired with excellent fabrics and refined patterns as in the Incotex cotton jacquard dinner pants, to be preferably worn with Montedoro’s silk After Six jacket.

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