The Art Of Laid-back

The Art Of Laid-back

Balancing smart and casual for adding a touch of coolness to your everyday wear


ddly enough, nailing a cool smart caj, laid-back, everyday outfit is usually much trickier than dressing up for a cocktail party. Whereas the world of white tie and formal wear has its solid, definite rules, with smart casual things get a little bit blurrier and you may sometimes get the impression of walking on thin ice.
So unless you are a natural or you have a very good stylist, achieving that unaffectedly smart and relaxed king-of-cool look might not be the easiest thing on Earth.
On the other hand, smart casual is all about balance and combinations: there is no such thing as a smart casual garment, but there certainly are smart casual combinations. Luckily, looking up to authentic style icons can help a lot. The way Mr. Steve McQueen used to match his clothes and accessories, for instance, is a great lesson in laid-back style: think the sleek turtleneck & blazer combo or the shirt-jumper-blazer-chinos mix.
Whatever the inspiration, pick your outfit’s main elements with the bigger picture in mind, building the harmony of your style on a good balance between smart and casual, sophisticated and comfortable.

Incotex Slacks: the Urban Chic Element
Building an outfit upon your trousers is one of the secrets behind smart casual style, but of course you need to pick a pair with enough character to become the centerpiece of your outfit. The Slacks label is one of the best options in the Incotex range for an outstanding laid-back style. It provides quite a few workwear-inspired pieces that sum up the Venetian brand’s industrial heritage, featuring treatments and particulars that reveal an incredible mastery and know-how, including special finishings, small ornaments, exclusive linings and unique colourings.
These accurately designed urban style pants have quite a lot of unique features to reveal at a closer look: their somewhat understated sophistication lies mostly in the details.

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