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OWAY Tratto

€ 38,00


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Essence for 100% vegetable fabrics and lingerie. Blend of precious essential oils collected in the fields and processed in OW alchemical laboratories where the single olfactory notes are expertly mixed together, producing a unique and unrepeatable fragrance, akin to those of the plants from which it comes.
At home: Spray Tratto on lingerie, curtains, pillows, sheets and rugs to recreate the fresh and fascinating suggestions of a trip to the Mediterranean. On clothes: Perfect for dresses, scarves, scarves, and sneakers. Leisure: To fight the strong smells in certain places (restaurants, pizzerias, etc.). On the road: Spray it on the seats and/or spread it in the cockpit of your car and on suitcases. Use Tratto to breathe new, invigorating air. Format: 160 ml

Citrus top notes: Biodynamic Lemon, sweet and bitter Orange, Bergamot, Cedar -> Play an energizing and anti-stress effect on the mind. Mediterranea Maquis Middle Notes: Verbena, Lavender, Juniper -> Have a relaxing aromatherapeutic action Oriental Base Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang -> Stimulate the senses with a subtle aphrodisiac effect.