On The Virtues Of Linen

On The Virtues Of Linen

Fine, sustainable, and hypoallergenic, linen is the centerpiece of Zanone's spring/summer knitwear collection


onsidered the most noble of natural fibers, linen is undoubtedly a great mid-season classic. Lighter than cotton but equally resistant, it has the advantage of being hypoallergenic and a great thermoregulator, perfect to be worn directly on the skin. It is therefore no coincidence that manhood has been wearing it for about eight thousand years: this ancient natural fiber was widespread already among ancient Egyptians (do mummy bandages ring a bell?) and it is the basis of the most popular fabric in history. Furthermore, it is totally biodegradable and recyclable, so we can definitely wear it with a clear conscience.

Linum usitatissimum

But most importantly, linen is a beautiful and precious fiber, which enhances colors and shades and serves as a perfect lightening factor when matched up with other materials such as wool and cotton. Especially when it comes to knitwear. Which is why Zanone's spring/summer collection focuses on the virtues of linen and of its best ally, cotton, blended to create a collection of sweaters and cardigans perfect to be worn over a shirt or T-shirt for a layered look, and jacket-cardigans to replace your regular blazer on a warm spring night. As comfortable and versatile as ever, the cotton and linen garments from the Zanone SS18 collection are the indispensable pieces of knitwear for a smart casual wardrobe: sophisticated and innovative but never showy, to a careful eye they reveal all the refinement of their construction and the quality of their materials.

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