The Parka,
A Style Icon

The Parka, A Style Icon

From heavy-duty military garment to countercultural symbol and wardrobe classic, the parka has had many incarnations. Here is Montedoro’s take on this timeless piece of outerwear


hen we think of the parka jacket the image that comes to our mind is that of the classic M-51 fishtail parka, an authentic British style icon, the one worn by Mods on their Vespa scooters and later, in the 1990s, by Britpop stars at concerts and music festivals.

Yet the history of the parka goes back to long before the Mods started hunting for M-51s at Army surplus stores and turned them into symbols of rebellion and counterculture, and specifically to the Caribou Inuits of the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada and Alaska, who used to wear seal skin parkas with fur on the outside to protect themselves from arctic temperatures. Often treated with fish oil to preserve their water-resistant quality, these were the original parkas that, hundreds of years later, the US army would draw inspiration from.
Pete Townshend's, Quadrophenia
Today, the parka has freed itself both from its military and Mod heritage, and it is universally deemed a versatile and classic piece of outerwear that comes in many variations – warm, lightweight, casual and formal - and in colors other than military green, from black to navy. Often enhanced by high-tech fabrics and enriched with unique details such as asymmetric zippers and additional drawstrings, depending on its specific incarnation it can be thrown on a suit on your way to work or on your most relaxed weekend casual outfit with equal nonchalance.
The Montedoro parka is a revisitation of the original model featuring an extraordinary water-repellent natural techno-wool fabric that offers the perfect combination of comfort, warmness and convenience. Enriched by functional add-ons such as the extensible hood equipped with a visor to face rainy and harsh weather and the warming internal flannel inserts, it can be adjusted to fit the wearer perfectly thanks to the internal draw string and the velcro adjustable cuffs.

The detail of the engraved logo on the dark matte metallic buttons and the zipper makes for an additional touch of luxury to the iconic and versatile nature of this quintessential masculine winter garment.

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