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Created to protect navy soldiers from rigid winters at sea, today the peacoat is the ideal jacket to navigate through the hectic city traffic wrapped in the comfort of a timeless garment


turdy and yet sophisticated, rigorous but elegant: before becoming one of the essential garments in a man’s wardrobe, the peacoat was an exquisitely military jacket, worn by Belgian sailors ever since the late 18th century - the name itself derives from the Belgian word pije, which designates a jacket made of raw wool.

Due to its durable nature, this warm garment suited to the rigid climate of the winters at sea and designed to be comfortable was soon adopted by the British Navy, which popularized it even before American marines decided to adopt it.
the peacoat was an exquisitely military jacket, worn by Belgian sailors ever since the late 18th century
The original Belgian peacoat and its English and American versions share a set of "trademarks" indissolubly linked to its seafaring origin: the heavy woolen navy fabric, the double-breasted closure, the anchor decorating the buttons, the wide lapels protecting from the wind and water splashes, the central or side vents allowing for maximum freedom of movement to climb the ropes and, of course, the huge pockets to house everything a sailor might need.

The Montedoro peacoat keeps to this very tradition and heritage. Born out of careful research in terms of cut, style and materials, it is reminiscent of original version, yet with some very contemporary touches, such as the felt woolen cloth replacing the classic Melton, the most traditional among coat fabrics, matched with a high-tech yarn that reduces the weight of the coat and increases its hardwearing quality.

The proportions, the pockets, the buttons, the wide and rounded shape of the lapels and the collar stay faithful to the original, preserving the unique and timeless style of this unmissable winter garment.

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