Strictly After Six

Strictly After Six

How to spot a dinner jacket and what to wear it with


he British, who invented it, call it a dinner jacket. The most classic of evening garments was born in the Victorian era as a derivation of the single-breasted tailcoat which was then very popular among dandies.
Spotting it is pretty easy: while the colour may change from black to midnight blue and white – and there might even be the occasional pattern – the contrasting lapels (in satin or other fancy materials) are ubiquitous and revealing.
The same material is generally used even for the jacket’s two buttons – of which, allow us to remind you, only the top one is supposed to be fastened.

The Dinner Jacket According To Montedoro

Drawing inspiration from the classic evening jacket, we created our own variation of the “dinner jacket” with an ironic and light spirit, working creatively on its main features to design a sleek garment entirely made from silk and featuring Montedoro’s signature slim fit. In line with the tradition, we played with the lapels and the buttons to create a pleasant colour and fabric contrast focusing on different shades of blue.
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How To Wear It

There are a few garments in a man’s wardrobe that are universally deemed “formal” like an evening jacket. Yet unlike a classic tux, our dinner jacket has been designed as a standalone piece that lends itself to different matchings – provided, of course, that they are tasteful and balanced.
The Montedoro dinner jacket is meant to be worn strictly after six p.m., but with the right amount of nonchalance and a sprezzy dash of sassiness. Ready to wear your dinner jacket? Here’s for our favourite matches: a nice white shirt with a classic French collar and a pair of Incotex dinner pants made from noble blue cotton, featuring a delicate micro-pattern that makes them unique and sophisticated at the same time.

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