The Montedoro
leather jacket

The Montedoro leather jacket

How to add some edge to your spring wardrobe with the help of the coolest piece of clothing ever: the bold and timeless leather jacket


here are several reasons why a nice leather jacket will never go out of style. First and foremost, there is no other piece of clothing in the world that deserves to be called ‘iconic’ as much as it does. There is no denying it’s a classic: just think of the endless cult moments and unique personalities that are part of its history, from Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen and James Dean, and on to the Ramones, Michael Jackson and the fashion catwalks. A leather jacket is timeless simply because it transcends style.
Another great asset is its incredible versatility: a leather jacket can be dressed up or down with equal success. There are many ways to dress it up and down within the realm of casual and smart casual style: upgrade it with chinos and a soft turtleneck sweater or black slim jeans and a patterned shirt or go full badass with faded jeans and a T-shirt.

The third reason concerns its origin: since it was born out of utilitarian reasons - namely to be worn by military aviators in the early 1900s - a leather jacket is practical by nature, made to be comfortable and and enriched with functional details. The fact that it comes in many different styles is yet another element of the leather jacket’s timelessness: while the most aggressive versions are not for everybody, it is also true that there many different kinds of leather jackets, some of them being definitely more sober and versatile.
A racer jacket or a bomber, for instance, are definitely dressier and much easier to pull off than a Perfecto-style slanted-zippered biker. Yet the main reason why we all love a nice leather jacket is possibly the way it makes us feel: confident, cool, and about as bold as the style statement it embodies. Tough as leather, as the proverb goes.

The Montedoro Leather Jacket

This season, the Montedoro collection includes two different leather jackets that meet the needs and taste of urban gentlemen. Featuring the brand’s signature mix of sleek and functional details, both jackets are on the minimal side in terms of design and utterly luxurious when it comes to the materials.
The racer is a lightened-up version of Montedoro’s celebrated clean-cut sheep skin jacket, featuring a mandarin collar, a streamlined design and an essential look are reminiscent of its original function, which is deeply rooted in the post war motorcycle culture. The bomber is a soft and lightweight piece of outerwear made from superb goat suede and conceived as the revisitation of a man’s wardrobe classic, proposed in a sophisticated cream-white nuance.

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