Walter Albini,
the Montedoro DNA

Retracing the history of the brand through the creative legacy of the father of Italian prêt-à-porter

design the kind of style that I like, but I feel that today everyone should feel free to choose whatever they prefer. This quote dating back to 1970 is by Walter Albini, the man who is universally regarded as the father of prêt-à-porter in Italy and the first proper Italian fashion designer, the one who finally managed to push the boundaries of fashion towards real life and make luxury more accessible.
Walter Albini was a handsome, sophisticated and cosmopolitan man, but above all a true innovator with a fervent and revolutionary creative spirit. Like every true artist, he completely identified with his own work and soon turned into the icon of his own creations, merging them with his lifestyle and giving a new meaning to the "total look" concept.
Born in the post-war period, Albini devoted himself to fashion from a very young age, collecting suggestions and creating a world of his own. His inspirations ranged from Paris in the roaring Twenties, an inexhaustible source of ideas along with Francis Scott Fitzgerald\'s novels and Hollywood\'s golden years, to contemporary Paris, where he worked for a long time drawing sketches from the fashion shows and met influential figures such as Krizia and his beloved Coco Chanel.

The preliminary sketch of the franchigia jacket, still in production for Montedoro.
An original illustration for the Franchigia Collection.
Between 1967 and 1971, Walter collaborated with Montedoro. Those unforgettable years have left a great creative legacy: it was precisely in that period that the brand shaped its unmistakable style, already evident in the beautiful drawings and ketches still jealously preserved in the Slowear archives. The same desire to experiment in terms of forms and materials, the same boundless love for the small details that make a subtle yet crucial difference, the same will to bring upscale fashion into people\'s lives - all of this remains deeply embedded in Montedoro’s DNA as an indelible trademark and a tribute to a great Italian fashion icon of the Twentieth century.

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